About Alpha Grinds

 Why choose Alpha Grinds?

Alpha Grinds was established to educate students and help them to realise their full potential. Our number one priority is always to improve a student’s prospects of obtaining their chosen 3rd level course.

We aim to provide a hassle free, swift and reliable service to students who are preparing for exams, while providing the best quality tuition available from our pool of top class tutors.

What makes us different?

We believe that students feel more comfortable and are better able to relate to a tutor who has recently gone through the same experience that they are going through. Thus, all of our hand picked tutors are recent top class college undergraduates who have up to date, first hand experience of the Irish State Examinations.

Alpha Grinds tutors must have achieved a higher level A grade in their subject and have therefore demonstrated an excellent understanding and knowledge of the syllabus and format of exams. All tutors will be able to easily explain the most intricate details of the system and offer insight from a student’s point of view.

To ensure that our tutors maintain up to date knowledge of the syllabus and format of the Irish State Examinations, they can work with us for a maximum of 3 years after sitting Leaving Certificate.

We interview all tutors one to one to assure ourselves that they can pass their extensive knowledge on. We assess their methods and techniques and offer our own suggestions.
We also screen all tutors ensuring the highest quality and peace of mind.

Why a free Trial Grind?

We offer a free Trial Grind to allow you ensure that your tutor is a good fit/ match before committing to any schedule or cost. This is a sign of how much confidence we have in our tutors’ ability.


Should you need any more information, please contact us and we will aim to promptly respond to your query.